Consumer Advocacy

Consumer Advocacy

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All of our members believe natural turfgrass is worth fighting for, not just for their business but for the environment. When you are looking to purchase turfgrass, look no further than our members!  Search Where to buy turfgrass sod to find a producer near you!

The Turfgrass TeamWe are pleased to introduce The Turfgrass Team now appearing on YouTube!  This interesting cast of characters with various entertaining messages will address the benefits of natural turfgrass.  See "The Turfgrass Team Talks About a Few Restrictions" or "The Turfgrass Team Tackles the Heat Issue" on YouTube!

Turfgrass Producers International continues to advocate for our members as well as our communities. We are up to the challenge to ensure that the correct information is available to anyone who is interested in learning about natural turfgrass.

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