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Consumer Resources

The Lawn Institute - Our foundation which assists in and encourages through research and education the improvement of lawns and sports turf.  The Institute has become one of the most respected authorities in North America among sports turf professionals and scientists for monitoring, reporting and interpreting turfgrass research, landscape horticulture, and agronomic science.  Visit The Lawn Institute website to learn more!

Maintaining Turfgrass - Articles on how you as a consumer can maintain your lawn, determine what grass works best for your enviornment, how to install turfgrass properly and much more! 

TPI E-Newsletter - A monthly email newsletter to provide members and consumers with a variety of information on new programs and services, amusing tidbits and interesting stories from our members.

Consumer Advocacy - Turfgrass Producers International is working not just for our members, we also work for our communities.  We are up to the challenge to ensure that the correct information is available to anyone who is interested in learning about natural turfgrass

Facts about Artificial Turf - Articles and resources on facts YOU NEED TO KNOW about artificial turf.  Also included in this area is the "Natural Grass and Artificial Turf: Separating Myths and Facts" booklet for you to download or order! 

TPI Products - Help educate others about the benefits of natural turfgrass. 

Where to Buy Turfgrass - An online directory to help you find sod producers in your area.

FAQ's About your lawn - Find answers to: How to establish a lawn, purchasing quality turfgrass sod, installing turfgrass sod, "Trick of the Trade", turfgrass mainenance, turfgrass "Factoids" - above and below ground.



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