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Member Discount Programs

Health Insurance Program

Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc.

Health insurance is one of the most important benefits you can offer your employees. Health insurance plans are not "one size fits all" and finding the right plan for you and your employees can be very difficult.

You need to be well informed on the options available to make sound, educated choices when designing a health insurance plan for your company.

Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. (MMIC) has over 30 years of experience in the analysis and development of successful insurance programs for individuals and employer groups. They have worked with over 50 associations servicing a number of industries. As experts in health insurance, MMIC is capable of offering the broadest range of insuring companies, policies and plans. They will analyze the health insurance needs of TPI members and provide objective advice with a view to improving coverage and reducing costs.

Contact Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. at 800-349-1039 from 8:30am - 5:00pm, M - F (Central Time)

Credit Collectors

I.C. System

Need help in collecting bad debt? For more than 75 years, I.C. System has been delivering effective and ethical solutions for collecting debts and improving cash flow. TPI members receive special pricing for I.C. System’s services.

"I.C. System is an accounts receivable information resource leader. If you are searching for tips on how to make impactful phone calls to customers not current on their accounts or if you need help navigating the complex and dynamic environment of collections law, we have guidance for you," says Bryan Campbell, I.C. System. "We regularly host topical webinars on what we do best - accounts receivable management solutions. All of our resources are free to you and may be located on our BrightTalk channel."


A series of short webinars to provide tips to help your office. This webinar has a helpful framework for dealing with displeased customers is presented. Click this link to view this and other webinars:

For more information call 800-279-3511

"Benefits of Turgrass" On-Hold Phone Messaging Library

On-Hold Phone Messaging Library

The "Benefits of Turfgrass" On-Hold Phone Messaging Library is comprised of twenty individually recorded audio files that TPI members can download for playback on their phone system!

  • Download all twenty recordings in one complete series (with music background).
  • Select individual audio files that fit your specific needs and put them in the order you choose.
  • Record them in your own voice - click here for the script

After selecting and downloading the desired files, copy them into iTunes or similar software that will allow you to upload them to an audio device such as an iPod which can be plugged into your phone system. Simply plug in your device and put it on repeat. Check with your phone system vendor to determine the best way to connect a device.

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