Phone Messaging

The "Benefits of Turfgrass" On-Hold Phone Messaging Library is comprised of twenty individually recorded audio files that TPI members can download for playback on their phone system!  

  • *Download all twenty recordings in one complete series (with music background).   
  • *Select individual audio files that fit your specific needs and put them in the order you choose.
  • *Record them in your own voice - click here for the script
  • PLEASE NOTE: After selecting and downloading the desired files, copy them into iTunes or similar software that will allow you to upload them to an audio device such as an iPod which can be plugged into your phone system.  Simply plug in your device and put it on repeat.  Check with your phone system vendor to determine the best way to connect a device.

   List of audio files:

   Complete Series w/background music (all 20 audio tracks)

  1. Allergen Reduction
  2. Carbon Storage Golf
  3. Air Pollution Prevention
  4. Greenhouse Effect
  5. Home Value
  6. Recycle Grass Clippings
  7. Cooling
  8. Ground Water Recharge
  9. Noise Reduction
  10. Soil Erosion Prevention
  11. Animal Diversity
  12. Crime Prevention
  13. Health Recovery
  14. Oxygen
  15. Soil Restoration
  16. Carbon Storage
  17. Fire Barrier
  18. Heat Dissipation
  19. Pest Reduction
  20. Storm Water Runoff

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