Webster's dictionary meaning of "advocacy": the act or process of advocating or supporting a cause or proposal

Making the world a greener space - All of our members believe that natural turfgrass is worth fighting for, not just for their business, but also for the environment.

TPI is helping to fight the fight, challenge our opponents, and invest in research!

Introducing our latest campaign using a fun and informative approach to educate consumers on the benefits of turfgrass.  The Turfgrass Team is now appearing on YouTube to address the "Benefits of Turfgrass". 

Government Activities

Click on a link below to read an article where TPI has been an advocate for their members. 

Random Acts of Gardening article, "Turfgrasses are plants, too"

TPI Represents Turfgrass Industry

America's National Mall Update

Would a 60% drop in turfgrass sales...

Specialty Pesitcide & Fertilizer

It's time we care for America's frontlawn

Keep up the momentum...Write

S.787 Clean water restoration act

Specialty Crop Funding

NTF Board Meeting 3/25/10

TPI goes to Washington

EPA's WaterSense Specifications 

EPA announces plans to Remove 40% Turfgrass Restriction from Watersense Program