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Facts About Artificial Turf

Natural Turfgrass - There's Nothing Artificial About It!

TPI is proud to promote the benefits of natural turfgrass while providing you with helpful information on the differences between natural turgrass and artificial turf.  CLICK HERE to view over 20 articles so you can respond to misinformatoin and address the benefits of natural grass over the questionable claims or health risks of artificial turf.


Carbon Black NanoparticlesYouTube Video:
What's the Deal With Synthetic Turf Particles?

  • This video is a compilation of engaging news cuts and scientific reports with persuasive concern about synthetic turf's crumb rubber - especially carbon black nanoparticles.

The video includes comments from investigative reporters, medical professionals, researchers, professional athletes, college athletes and parents on a subject that, for whatever reason, isn't getting the media coverage it should. Be sure to post it on your Facebook page, your website and share it with every athlete, coach and sports manager you know.

Recent article in 2011 June/July TPI E-Newsletter regarding Nanoparticles and crumb rubber:  Is Artificial Turf Hiding an 800 Pound Gorilla?


 Natural Grass and Artificial Turf: Separating Myths and Facts

This 32-page booklet is based upon information from some of the industry’s most highly respected research scientists, sports field managers, contractors and other professionals. 
Download PDF: " Natural Grass and Artificial Turf: Separating Myths and Facts"



Additional materials to download: 

Government of Western Australia - Department of Sport and Recreation

Synthetic Turf Issues & Questions: 



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