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About Casey Reynolds, PhD

Dr. Casey Reynolds is the Executive Director at Turfgrass Producers International

Green Street Challenges comes to Pennsylvania

The Green Street Challenge is a day-long event that creates the opportunity to celebrate the importance of outdoor, unstructured play by laying down sod and creating temporary parks on prominent streets in communities across North America. It is sponsored by Come Alive Outside, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works closely with partners in the landscape profession, as well as college horticulture and landscape architecture departments, in order to get people off the couch and back outside in communities across North America. Its mission is  to inspire collaborative community systems that create the awareness, intention, and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside. 

TPI Board of Trustees member John Coombs decided to get involved after hearing a “Come Alive Outside” presentation at a recent TPI event. As a result, at 5am on May 27th, 2017 Coombs Sod Farm delivered 6,000 sq ft of Kentucky bluegrass sod to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to be laid on Monroe Street prior to the 8am opening of the Saturday Morning Farmer’s market. Hula hoops, straw bales, balls of various kinds, lawn games, and more were provided for kids and their families to just enjoy the day. 

One attendee and mother stated to a reporter, “It’s good to explore because nowadays  you don’t see kids playing with toys or just outside enjoying. Everybody is in front of a 

screen, and I look back to my childhood and I loved just running outside.” Another person stated, “What a great project, thank you!”

Come Alive Outside has plans for 12 events in 2017 in Canada and is looking to expand further into the United States in 2018. For more information on their organization and future Green Street Challenges, please check out their website at

TPI Staff Attend Local Sod Producer Events

One of the many goals of Casey Reynolds, Ph.D., and Karen Cooper when they joined the TPI staff in May was to begin attending local, regional, and national events in order to meet growers, suppliers, and others in the turfgrass industry. On July 11, they attended a joint function in Chicago hosted by the Wisconsin Sod Producers and the Sod Growers of Mid-America and were also in Texas during May for a joint meeting between Thomas Turfgrass and Sod Solutions.   

In the coming months, they will be traveling to events in Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee as well as the European Turfgrass Producers meeting. TPI will be visiting with members and non-members in all of these areas to discuss issues affecting sod producers and find out what TPI can do to help out. If you have an event in your area that you think would be beneficial, please reach out to a TPI staff member for discussion. We’d love to see you!

2017 European Turfgrass Producers Seminar & Expo

The 2017 European Turfgrass Producers Seminars and Turf Expo will be held from September 28th – 29th, 2017 in the Netherlands. This year’s meeting will consist of an intensive 2-day program of seminars at the Hotel Asteria in Venray on September 28th followed by a Turf Expo at nearby Direct Gazon sod farm in Ysselesteyn. Seminar sessions will include topics on revenue and by-products from turfgrass clippings, hybrid turf in sod farms, and more. Dr. Casey Reynolds will be attending on behalf of Turfgrass Producers International, so please feel free to reach out to him with ideas on topics for discussion or making connections while there!

Registration information can be found by clicking the link below: