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Razorbacks Plan Return to Natural Grass

Original article written by Anthony Reyes,

The Arkansas Razorbacks are going natural! Or, should I say returning! After 10 years of synthetic turf, the Arkansas Razorbacks football program will be installing real grass for the 2019 football season and beyond. New head coach Chad Morris goes on record in this article stating his preference for natural grass and we couldn’t agree more! For the original article posted at click on the link below.


“Real grass all day long”: Texas Rangers sound off on new stadium

Original article written by Mac Engle, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas Rangers baseball players are sounding off on rumors of the plastic stuff going in at their future home and brand new baseball stadium. If you want to know how they feel about synthetic turf just check out some of the quotes in the attached article. Heat, injuries, and sore backs are at the top of their minds when thinking about playing on synthetic turf. For the full story and player reactions, check out the full story below from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Synthetic Turf Failure at Big10 Championship Delays Game

Original article written by Morgan Moriarty,

The 2017 Big10 Championship had it’s share of drama this year, and it wasn’t just related to the score. Viewers and attendees witnessed the bizarre event at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana which stopped play for at least 10 minutes to make repairs.

Video of the incident and the full story can be seen here: