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Behind every roll of natural grass sod is a farm where it grows and a producer who cares for it. Many of them are second- and third-generation farmers whose family businesses also grow soybeans, potatoes, blueberries and more. They are responsible stewards of the environment and take pride in caring for the land.

Since 1967, TPI has proudly served these member farms, who reside in almost every U.S. state and more than 30 countries to bring quality sod and seed to their customers. Explore our directory of member farms below to connect with a natural grass producer near you and enjoy all that natural grass has to offer!


TPI Member Farm Profiles

Raft River Sod 
Delco, Idaho 

Raft River Sod is based out of American Falls, Idaho where they serve the Southern Idaho and Northern Utah area, including Provo, Salt Lake City, Perry, Genola, & many more. Raft River Sod is one of many family companies managed by Heglar Creek Farms. Raft River Sod started in American Falls, ID, and very quickly grew. As they grew, they spread to areas like Boise, Provo, and Salt Lake City. Raft River Sod’s vision is to provide beautiful, easy-to-take-care-of landscapes with only the highest quality sod grass.

We caught up with Eric Webb to see just why Raft River Sod is a TPI Member and here’s what he had to say.

“The reason I am a member of TPI is the network it brings to me and my operation. It’s so nice to be able to reach out to fellow members and ask questions and brainstorm ideas of how we as a group can become better.


I enjoy the TPI Conference and Field Day for many reasons but being able to network with other growers throughout the world and ask about their operation has paid off time and time again.


I have made plenty of mistakes on the farm but the conversations I have had with other TPI members have helped minimize mistakes and maximize productivity and profitability.”

To learn more about Raft River Sod, visit their website here:

coon creek sod farms
Coon creek sod farms

Coon Creek Sod Farms
Hampshire, Illinois

Founded in 1987, Coon Creek Sod Farms is the result of 100 years in sod farming. It all began in 1867 when Carl Mueller migrated from Germany to Illinois, where he farmed tomatoes, peppers and cabbage. Carl’s oldest son William began growing sod in 1919 for grass around the graves in local cemeteries. Generation after generation carried the torch of the family business. Three expansions across northern Illinois led to Rick Pump Sr. and his wife Marlene opening the 900-acre Coon Creek Sod Farms, which was passed on to Rick Pump Jr. and his wife Nicole in 2015.

The farm is known for its premium blend of Kentucky Bluegrass sod, as well as corn and soybeans. It also provides grass seed, lawn fertilizers, herbicides, erosion control products and mulch to its wholesale and retail customer base. Coon Creek Sod Farms does not harvest sod in advance; it cuts sod fresh with each order to ensure the highest quality possible.

If you pay a visit to Coon Creek Sod Farms, you might see the Pump children taking turns riding in the John Deere tractors with their dad. A product of four generations and a proud member of TPI, Coon Creek Sod Farms embodies the heritage of family farming.

To learn more about Coon Creek Sod Farms, visit their website here:

coombs sods farm

John Coombs Sr., Coombs Sod Farms
Elmer, New Jersey

If you find yourself on a golf course in New Jersey, Philadelphia, southern New York or Delaware, you may be enjoying the sod grown by TPI member Coombs Sod Farms. Located in Elmer, New Jersey, Coombs Sod Farms was founded in the late 1700s by John Coombs Sr.’s great great great grandfather. What started as a 167-acre vegetable and dairy farm has grown to 1,500 acres of sod, potatoes and grain today. The farm offers tall fescue, bluegrass, fine fescue and bentgrass that grow well in the New Jersey sandy clay loam soil. The farm’s crops – which also include corn and soybeans – work together to balance fertilizer and herbicide needs.

John Coombs currently leads the farm, marking the eighth generation of Coombs Sod Farms. His wife, Donna Coombs, grew up on a potato farm and manages the finances and administrative needs, while the couple’s oldest son John Coombs Jr. serves as the general manager of the business, and their youngest son Kevin oversees sod production. John describes the family dynamic as collaborative and supportive, which will carry the family business into the ninth generation and more to come.

John learned of TPI through a neighboring sod farmer in 2000, when Coombs Sod Farms transitioned from grain crop to sod. Since then, John has served on the TPI board of trustees and most enjoyed building a supportive community and friendships around the world. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m more successful, both personally and professionally, because of TPI.”

To learn more about Coombs Sod Farms, visit their website here:

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