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What is TPI?

Promoting the benefits of natural turfgrass for 50 years … and counting

Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) members have been serving the natural turfgrass needs of homeowners and commercial properties, golf courses, sports fields, equestrian parks, and recreation facilities worldwide for over 50 years. These turfgrass producers maintain their farms following environmentally-friendly practices focused on long-term sustainability and stewardship. Many of the growers are family-owned businesses into the second, third or fourth generations; love of the land is in their DNA.

TPI’s Mission is: Promoting the global environmental benefits and use of turfgrass through education and research.

As part of fulfilling that mission, TPI represents and advances the turfgrass sod industry worldwide through the promotion of improved practices and the professional development of its members and supports their ongoing focus on the enhancement of the environment.

Collectively, our membership extends across 40 countries and represents the most productive, knowledgeable, informative turfgrass sod and seed producers, suppliers, manufacturers, and educators in the turfgrass industry.

TPI provides its members with numerous educational opportunities, the means for professional development, member support services related to the turfgrass industry, and access to many other resources and benefits. The internationally-diversified membership makes TPI a unique association where members have an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with fellow turfgrass producers in a non-competitive environment with mutual cooperation, understanding and support.

TPI is continually undertaking new projects that bring benefits and services to members and improve the image and marketability of turfgrass.

TPI members can look forward to this association playing a leading role in helping to find practical, sustainable solutions to issues affecting turfgrass, the global community and our environment. Our members can take pride in knowing that as a result of their efforts—and the efforts of their association—working together, we make an immeasurable contribution to the communities in which we live and the world around us. To further explore the benefits of TPI membership, go to Benefits of Membership. (Make Benefits of Membership an active link.)

The association’s foundation, The Lawn Institute (TLI), is based on three pillars: Science, Education and the Environment. It helps provide consumers access to knowledge and research so they can make an informed choice recognizing natural turfgrass as the best surface for sports, recreation and open spaces.

If you are a homeowner who needs help with the what, why, where and how of lawn care, The Lawn Institute website, is your resource. Because a dream lawn can be yours in hours with natural turfgrass sod, a resource available on TPI’s website, is Where To Buy Turfgrass Sod making it easy to search the member directory to find a turfgrass sod producer near you. Use the TPI Quick Links titled "Find a Member" to help navigate your search.

TPI's Antitrust Policy

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